The continuously adjustable pedal crank

Our patented, universal WX Vario bicycle crank adapter enables people with limited knee and/or hip mobility to train on a bicycle or ergometer. The length of the pedal crank is infinitely adjustable from 0 to 170 mm to ensure optimum effort and movement.

WX Vario | Verstellschiene ist stufenlos arretierbar

Determine your individual pedaling radius

Thanks to the infinitely adjustable length of the crank arm, you can optimize the pedalling radius to suit your individual range of motion and power input. The crank radius can be reduced from the maximum position to almost the 0 position using the sliding block.

WX Vario | Mit verschiedenen Distanzscheiben

Training with limited knee or hip mobility

The bicycle crank adapter enables people with limited knee and/or hip mobility to train effectively and gently on a bicycle or ergometer. Athletes (e.g. after an injury-related break) can also return to cycling in a safe and controlled manner.

WX Vario | Nachrüstsatz für Tretkurbeln

Universal retrofit kit for all standard bikes/ergometers

The WX Vario is designed for all standard bicycle cranks. It is fitted directly to the existing crank or crank arm. Even unusual cranks can be fitted using the spacers supplied.

The WX Vario in detail

WX Vario | Detail view 1
WX Vario | Detail view 2

The WX Vario in practice

WX Vario | Montiert an einem Mountainbike
WX Vario | Stabile Montage am bestehenden Kurbelarm
WX Vario | Tretkurbelverkürzung um ca. 30%
WX Vario | Die eigenen Pedalen können weiterverwendet werden

The WX Vario in the press

We are pleased about the report and the detailed presentation of our universal crank shortening in the BIKE magazine (08.11.2023).

I still remember well the first time I sat on an ergometer with shortened cranks after a serious knee injury. I spun the pedals very slowly, carefully and unsteadily. It was the most wonderful feeling in the whole time after the accident and gave me new hope to get back on the bike. Apart from the physical rehabilitation benefits, a crank shortening adapter can give injured riders a positive mental boost.” 
BIKE editor Jan Timmermann

Available soon

The WX Vario is currently still in the approval phase, but the first adapters will be delivered soon.

Pre-ordering is already possible. Cost per piece: 169 euros. The conversion kit for use on the right or left costs 59 euros. If you have any questions or are interested in a personal demonstration or test on site, please contact Mr. Andreas Sextl:

Pre-order by e-mail:
By telephone on 08141 – 3538433


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